Bible and Letter Ministry

Minister to Those Seeking God

Each week we receive hundreds of letters from inmates asking for more information about God. Will you help answer them? Our prison ministry offers two Christian service opportunities for ministering directly to inmates. You can become a CLI Bible Minister or a CLI Letter Minister.

Bible Ministers

CLI Bible Ministers review lessons from inmates from all around the country and encourage them as the study the Bible. Many of our Bible Ministers report that they get just as much out of the lessons as the inmates taking them.

You don’t have to be a theologian to make an impact. We provide answer keys and other resources to you, so you can provide your time and encouragement to inmates.

Letter Ministers

Lots of inmates write us looking for Christian resources and encouragement. Through CLI Letter Ministers, we are able to respond to letters quickly and help inmates receive gospel tracts, Bible study applications, and most importantly, encouragement. We strive to answer every letter we receive and we want you to help.

If you are ready to take your place working in prison ministry, apply using our volunteer application.

If you prefer a paper application, it can be downloaded here. Once you have filled out your form, send a copy a