Beth Brock Can’t Stop Giving


By Frank Sambrick

You can’t out-give God. Just ask Beth Brock. While her drug-addicted husband, James, sat behind bars for years, she kept busy volunteering at CLI, reviewing Bible lessons for inmates. “It was a huge blessing,” she recalled, “seeing these inmates coming to the Lord in such a dark place.”

Through Beth’s prayers, her husband was also saved. “After he came home we both felt led to commit to a monthly giving program at CLI. We knew firsthand how lonely prison can be and how CLI was bringing the light of Christ into these dark places.”

Beth and her husband kept giving. But as they would soon discover, it is impossible to out-give God.

The curse of addiction passed down from James to his son, Deven, who also ended up behind bars. One day, Deven called his parents and began speaking about God. He said he had received a Bible from the prison. Beth and James knew  that the Lord was working in Deven’s life. They kept praying and they kept giving to CLI.

Soon Deven was transferred to another prison and was greatly distressed that he was not permitted to take his Bible with him. Knowing how much that Bible had come to mean to Deven, James drove to the prison and convinced the authorities to release the Bible to him. Something compelled him to open it and, as he began leafing through it, he came upon a stamped page. It read, “Donated by Christian Library International.” God had used James and Beth’s monthly donation to CLI to save their own son!

Today, Beth and her husband are still members of CLI’s monthly giving program. “I love that I can give monthly to a cause that saved my stepson's life,” she said. “I praise God for all the work CLI does to save thousands of lives in helping the prisoners find what's been missing in their lives, which is knowing and walking with our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Think of what God can do through your monthly gift. There are thousands of inmates like Deven who are waiting in darkness for you to shine Christ’s bright light in their direction. Your monthly gift works to sending Bibles, Christian literature, and Bible study lessons to prisoners. Will you partner with us to help save the lives of inmates?

If you want to help save the lived of inmates, you can make your monthly gift here.

Seamus Duerr