25 Felonies in 27 Years

My life has had its share of problems.

I got locked up in Florida when I was 17 and did a one-year sentence. I moved back to Alabama and got locked up again. I got out and moved to Tennessee and went to prison two times there.

Alex Taunton

Alex Taunton

All in all, I’ve been locked up for 99 months; that’s eight years and three months. Although I’m just 27 years old, I’ve been to state prison three times and have at least 25 felonies on my record.

I’ve stolen more in my life than I’ve bought. That’s all my charges were: theft and burglary. I guess because I didn’t have anything or anyone, I stole to try and fill a void in my heart.

I didn’t write all that so you would feel sorry for me. I wrote it to say this: BUT GOD…

Those are such amazing words, especially when it can be applied to our lives.

When I started doing my time in jail, I read my Bible often. I read the Bible front to back a few times but never got anything out of it until I started praying and talking to the God of the Bible.

This last four-year sentence really opened up my eyes. Going to prison this time, I made up my mind and heart to seek God with everything I had in me. And the Bible says that if you seek God with all your heart, you will find Him.

I started CLI’s Christian Leadership Bible study in prison and am now on Lesson 11. I continue to do this study outside prison because I really enjoy it.

In prison I’d have a few men around me and we’d discuss what it said. I keep what God has given me close, and I love telling people what the Bible says.

I am free now and it’s much different than serving God inside prison. God has given me back the family relationships I destroyed.

In 10 years, I’d like to be able to walk into any jail or prison and tell the men and women who were like me that there is a better way. I want to show them the way out.

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